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Food Ingredients and Flavors:

Key Food Ingredients:



Lake Colors

Lake colors are used as coloring agents in food and confectionary industries.

Usage: gum salts, summer coatings, wafers, dairy products, bakery products, decorating sugar crystals, confections- coated candies, chewing gum, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic & personal care products, packaging products, dry beverage bases & dessert powders, snack foods, pet foods etc. Mainly,

  • Lake Tartrazine
  • Lake Sunset Yellow
  • Lake Carmosine
  • Lake Ponceau 4R
  • Lake Erythrosine
  • Lake Allura Red
  • Lake Brilliant Blue FCF
  • Lake Indigo Carmine
  • Lake Chocolate – Mixture
  • Lake Apple Green – Mixture
  • Lake Pea Green – Mixture
  • Lake Quinoline Yellow

Blended Food Colors :

Blended food colors are used in food industries and confectionaries.

Usage: baked goods, jams, jellies, deserts, dry mix, soft-drinks, beverages, sea-foods, dry pet-foods, meat, fish products, ice-creams, custards, ketchup's, sauces, canned food products, biscuits, sweet meats, fruit drinks, syrups and pharmaceuticals tablets.

  • Allura Red
  • Black PN
  • Brilliant Blue FCF
  • Carmoisine
  • Chocolate Brown HT
  • Erythrosine
  • Indigo Carmine
  • Ponceau 4R
  • Quinoline Yellow SS
  • Quinoline Yellow WS
  • Red 2 G
  • Sunset Yellow FCF
  • Tartrazine

Primary Food Colors :

Primary food colors - strengths ranging from 4% to 85% for the following range.

  • Apple Green
  • Black Current
  • Blue
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Coffee Brown
  • Black
  • Cola
  • Green
  • Mango Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Orange
  • Orange Red
  • Pea Green
  • Rose Pink
  • Rose Red
  • Raspberry Red
  • Strawberry Red
  • Tomato Red

Natural Food Colors :

  • Caramel Type I Plain ( Scotch Grade )
  • Caramel Type III Beer Grade
  • Caramel Type IV Single Strength
  • Caramel Type IV Double Strength
  • Caramel Powder Food Grade Double Strength
  • Annatto Oil Soluble (1.5% Bixin)
  • Annatto Water Soluble (1.5% Nor - Bixin)
  • Annatto Nor Bixin Powder
  • Turmeric Colour 5% Powder
  • Red Beet Juice Powder
  • Paprika Colour Water Soluble
  • Paprika Colour Water Soluble
  • Paprika Colour Oil Soluble
  • Chlorophlly Green Colour Oil Soluble
  • Chlorophlly Green Colour Water Soluble
  • Anthocyanin Colour Powder
  • Safflower Yellow Colour



Pink Soaps Fragrances:

The assortment of pink soaps is manufactured from natural chemicals, leaves and root extracts to suit every human skin without any side effects. These pink soap fragrances are available in the varieties of rose, jasmine, floral, fancy fragrances, sandal, lavenders, lime, lemon, rose and aqua.

Fragrance Usage:

  • Toilet Soaps
  • Liquid soaps
  • Talcum Powders
  • Detergents
  • Shampoos
  • Shaving Creams
  • After -Shave Lotions
  • Vaseline
  • Agarbatties( Incense )

Green Soaps Fragrances :

The Green soaps fragrances are produced from quality chemicals, essential oils, wood and root extracts. The range available in the varieties of lime, lemon, fruity and floral fragrances. Customisation as per client requirement is also provided

Yellow Soaps Fragrances :

Yellow soaps fragrances are made from natural materials such as herbs, leaves and flower . As per color of the soap – fragrances used are

  • Sandal
  • Woody
  • Lime
  • Lemon

These soaps sooths the skin and gives a pure feeling.

Cream Soaps Fragrances :

Cream soap fragrances are manufactured from natural materials so that our clients get total satisfaction without any discrepancies. This cream soap has lavish fragrance gives the soap richness and glamour. Customization can be done according to the clients specifications.

White Soaps Fragrances :

White soaps fragrances are produced from quality chemicals, essential oils, wood and root extracts. Available in the range of Jasmines, lavenders, rose and fancy fragrances. Customization can be done according to our clients specific requirements.

Fruity Perfumes Fragrances :

Fruity perfumes are manufactured from quality materials available in varieties of green apple, strawberry, Raspberry, watermelon, apricot, Orange and lemon. These fragrances make a fruity odour.

Herbal Soaps Fragrances :

Herbal soaps fragrances are made from natural materials such as flowers, leaves, wood and root extracts.Range available in neem, Tulsi, amla, Almond, reetha, & other fragrances. The soaps generally provides the skin a nourishment and instant glow on it.

Detergent Perfumes :

Our range of perfumes includes varieties for detergents, detergent cakes perfumes, detergent powders perfumes to provide their cloths a fresh and hygienic appeal.

Detergent Cakes Perfumes :

Detergent Cakes perfumes are available in both for ordinary Detergent Cakes and powders and for Premium Detergent cakes & powders. The cheaper fragrances includes lime, lemon, rose and floral. The premium fragrances includes Floral, Fruity, lavender, Mist, musky or any customized fragrance as per client’s specifications.

Detergent Powders Perfumes :

Detergent powders Perfumes are used in washing Powders for cloths and fabrics. Our perfume compositions comprises of silica particles which have the capability to make the cloths clean, leaving a soothing fragrance in the cloths.

Popular Detergent Perfumes :

The Popular Detergent Perfumes for Detergent Cakes and Powders as per available in the market can also customized as per client’s specifications.

Premium Detergent Perfumes :

Premium Detergent Perfumes for Detergent Cakes and Powders such as Surf Excel, Tide, Ariel Washing Powder and Cakes or any international brand can be customized as per client’s specifications.

Incense Perfumes :

Incense Natural Fragrances :

We have a wide range of incense fragrances varieties and quality to choose from for our clients. We do provide incense natural fragrances as per customer requirements.

Incense Sticks Perfumes :

Incense Sticks Perfumes are available in Floral fragrances like Rose, Jasmine, Indian Kewda, Chaffa and Champa. . The blended perfumes in Floral, leafy, woody note fragrances have wide international acceptance and being exported worldwide.

Incense Customize Perfumes :

The customization of perfumes to suit customer specifications for incence is also being offered.

Cosmetics Fragrances :

Talcum Powder Fragrances :

Talcum Powder fragrances for the cosmetics industry available in Colognes, Brut and denim. We can also customize fragrance as per customer requisite specifications.

Face Cream Fragrances :

Fragrance for Face cream needs an exclusivity and individuality for each brand – we do support and provide fragrance as per our customer requirement.

Lotions Fragrances:

A wide range of Fragrance for lotions are natural essential oils and premium blends of fragrances. We do ensure fragrance last longer.

Nail Enables Fragrances :

Nail Enables Fragrance are available in varieties of Rose varieties, Jasmine, floral fragrances, Lemon, Sandal, Woody and fancy perfumes as per customer requirements.

Fragrance for Face Powder :

Face Powder Fragrance are available in powder form, liquid form and non alcoholic. Available in jasmines, floral, lemon, sandal and fancy perfumes. Again we do provide customized fragrance as per client requirements.

Deodorant Perfumes :

We offer deodorant perfumes made of superior quality cosmetic-grade oils and do ensure that it is skin safe.

Body Spray :

Offering assortment of fragmented body spray that are ideal for even the sensitive skin. These body spray are manufactured with a lighter concentration of fragrance and essential oil.

Candles :

Candle Fragrances like Fruit fragrance, chocolate, coffee, lemon, musk, green apple, jasmine, lavender, orange, patchouli, pineapple, rose, sandal, strawberry and vanilla.

Tobacco Fragrances :

Assorted fragrances are blend of Fresh Perfumes and scents of floral and fruity fragrances. Our fragrances are regularly purchased by national as well as in international manufacturers.


Fruit Essence

Fruit essences are mainly used in preparation of confectionery items, beverages and sweets.

Apple flavor Banana special Banana
Banana excellent Banana a-1 Tomato flavour
Blueberry Blood orange Black current
Cherry Chickoo Falsa special
Falsa Grape a-1 Guava FLV
Lemon A-1 Lemon Lemon no. 1
Lychee Lychee compound Mango green conc
Mango green Mango ripe Mango ripe conc
Mango excellent Mango milk Mango super
Melon Mix fruit Mix fruit excellent
Mosambi Orange Orange sweet
Orange no.1 Peach flv Peach a-1
Pineapple Pineapple a-1 Pineapple conc.
Pineapple sweet Pineapple excellent Pomegrenate
Raspberry Raspberry special Raspberry a-1
Raspberry excellent Strawberry Strawberry special
Strawberry excellent Strawberry fresh flavour Strawberry fresh a-1
Food Essence

Food essences are manufactured as per international standards of quality to suit customer requirements.

Asafoetida American ice-cream Biscuit flavour
Biryani flavour Cola flavour Honey flavour
Ice-cream special Ice-cream Marie flavour
Pan masala Pan masala conc. Rooh-afza
Rose special Rose excellent White rose
Dry Food Essence

Dry fruit essence is available in sweet as well as salty preparation has natural aroma and purity. Even below individual variety is also available in various strengths.

Almond Cashew Coconut
Nutmeg Pista Saffron
Dairy Food Essence

Dairy food essences are to enhance aroma of dairy products.

Dairy milkButterButter vanilla
Butter doll Butterscotch Condensed milk
Cheese flavor Ghee flavor Mawa flavor
Milk flavor Milk conc. Coffee flavor


Fruit Powder Flavors

Fruit Powder Flavors are used in drinks and confectionery items.

Banana Lemon Mango
Pine apple Orange Raspberry
Strawberry Spearmint Tomato
Chocolate Caramel flavor Vanilla
Powder Flavors

Powder Flavors are mainly used in food and confectioneries. These flavors provide a sweet aroma to the meal it is added to.

Almond Butter scotch Coconut
Chocolate Creamy milk flavour Rose
Concentrated Fruit Drinks

Fruit Drink Concentrates are available in varied flavors and quantities.

Banana Blueberry Cherry
Falsa Grape Mango
Mango green Mix-fruit Orange
Passion fruit Pineapple Raspberry
Concentrated soft drink flavors

Concentrated Soft Drinks used in food and beverage industry.

ColaMasala sodaPista
Rooh afzaTonovinVimto
Pharmaceutical flavors

For Pharmaceutical Industries we have liquid flavors for oral liquid preparations and dry powder flavors which can be used in tablet making and Spray dried powders for tablets and health drink preparation.

Raspberry Pineapple Peppermint
Blackcurrant etc.  
Ice Cream flavors

Ice cream flavors are used to enhance aroma and taste for Ice cream Also used in other dairy products.

Milk Shakes Whipped Creams Yoghurts
Sweetened milk Condensed milk   
Liquor flavors

Ice cream flavors are used to enhance aroma and taste for Ice cream Also used in other dairy products.

Rum Brandy Cognac Brandy
Whisky Peat Gin
Impromel Country Liquor 
Bakery flavors

Bakery flavors are used to enhance taste to delicacies such as, cakes, pasteries, cookies and biscuits.

Pineapple Orange Vanilla
Butter Scotch ChocolateCoffee
Biscuit, wafers and confectioneries flavor

The flavors are widely used to enhance aroma and taste for Biscuits, wafers and Confectioneries.

Mango Chocolate Strawberry
Orange All fruit flavours  
Jelly flavors

Jelly flavors are high in demand to our domestic as well as international customers.

Strawberry Banana Apple
Pineapple Mango Kiwi
Peach Guava Black current

Baking Powder :

Available with us is a premium quality range of baking powder, ingredients baking powder, cookies baking powder and cake baking powder that is high in demand with various bakeries and processed food manufacturers across the country. Ideal for making cakes, cookies, puddings, muffins and various other tempting bakery dishes, our range of baking powder is available in both varieties of single-acting baking powder as well as double-acting baking powder. The baking powder offered by us is available in packagings starting from 50 grams up to 30 kgs.

Essential Oil :

The essential oils are produced with special techniques of infusion, expression and distillation and are excreted from special glands and pores of the plants.
Our range of Essential Oil include:

Aroma therapy OilEssential Oil Frankincense Oil
Ajowan Oil Ambrette Seed Oil Aniseed Oil
Black Pepper Oil Basil Oil Basil Oil ( Holy)
Bay Oil Betel Leaf Oil Bergamot Oil
Calamus Oil Cassia Oil Cajuput Oil
Camphor Oil Cardamom Oil Cananga Oil
Carrot Seed Oil Celery Seed Oil Cedarwood Oil
Chamomile Oil Cinnamon Bark Oil Cinnamon Oil Leaf
Clary Sage Oil Cumin Seed Oil Cubeb Oil
Costus Oil Clove Oil Cypress Oil
Coriander Seed Oil Eucalyptus Oil Angelica Root Oil
Fennel Oil Garlic Oil Ginger Oil
Geranium Oil Grape Seed Oil Grape Fruit Oil
Hyssop Oil Immortle Oil Myrtle Oil
Jasmine Oil Juniper Berry Oil Lavendeen Oil
Lavender Oil Litsea Cubeaba Oil Lime Oil
Lemon Oil Lemon Grass Oil Mary Gold Oil
Mace Oil Marjoram Oil Myrtle Oil
Myrhh Mandarin Oil Neroli Oil
Nager Motha Oil Niouli Oil Nutmeg Oil
Tegetes Oil Origanum Oil Orange Oil
Parslay Oil Palmarosa Oil Patchouli Oil
Peppermint Oil Pine Oil Petitgrain Oil
Fir Nidlle Oil Rosemary Oil Rose (Abs.) Oil
Rose Oil Indian Rosewood Oil/ Boise De Rose Saffron
Sage Oil Sambak (Abs.) Sandal Wood Oil
Spearmint Oil Tegetas Oil Tangarin Oil
Termeric Oil Tea Tree Oil Thyme Oil
Tee Rose Oil Tuberose Oil Vetivert
Winter Green Oil Ylang-ylang Oil Yarrow Oil

Replacement Oil (R.C. Oil):

Our range of Essential Oil include:

Rose R.C. Sandal R.C. Aniseed R.C.
Bergamot R.C. Bay R.C Cardamom R.C
Cinnamon R.C Clove R.C Clary Sage R.C
Fennel Sweet R.C Fennel Bitter R.C Geranium Oil R.C
Jasmine R.C Lavender R.C