Market Analysis

Krish Pharma can identify and analysis of target markets and the creation of a marketing strategy. When to register a new product under Indian strict standards, Krish Pharma can create leverage for worldwide distribution, leading to a lucrative product launch.

Krish Pharma is young dynamic company with experience in APIs, where we suport to give Impurities , R&D quantities for qucik sample evaluation, documentation. We also have formulations which are near to patent expiry products and MA’s from Europe and other Emerging Markets.

krish Pharma manages a diverse product portfolio within a variety of fields whilst engaging in promising research and trading enterprises across an extensive range of markets. Our team has the core values of Integrity, Discipline, Teamwork, Commitment and Ethics with an aim to explore an alliance between you and us that could help us to break new ground in Business.


Krish Pharma as many years of experience in regulatory affairs. Krish Pharma understands the path to quick regulatory success in US,EU, Japan & Emerging Markets. We help our clients with DMF & quick Dossier registerations and quick audit clearance from most of the regulated and semi-regulated markets.

CMO: We have various contract manufacturing sites approved by US, EU, WHO GMP with capacity ranging from 5kg to 6Tonnes.

In Licensing & Out Licensing

In Licensing: We have product requirements in CNS, DIABECTIC, OTC, ONCOLOGY & BIOSIMILAR’s & Mas for US, EU Markets.

Out Licensing: We have approved EU Marketing Authourisation’s from EU, Emerging Markets in various therapeutic categories. Currently we have Everolimus, Suggamedex, Peg Filgrastim and many other nice products.